Introduction of Shining Through Shadows

Melbourne Beach, FL  September 15, 2012

by Kimberly Stark

My daddy was my hero.

Growing up, I was proud

to share him with so many people

who needed his help.After his tragic

accident on September 3rd 2011,

we spent our 11 last days together

on the SICU. Love and prayers filled

the room, but my daddy lay silent

as machines breathed for him.

 In those quiet moments, secluded and separated from our normally busy days, a vision came to me on how to bring back my daddy’s voice and give a renewed life to his beautiful giving spirit that was now silently sleeping. 

It was during those difficult  11 days and nights that I began to see my vision- a way for all the good he had done and still needed to be done continue on.  I decided  right then and there, at his bedside,  to create a nonprofit foundation that would carry on what he was so passionate about - helping people in need. 

 Instead of letting the darkness of the shadow that tragedy cast over our family overwhelm me, I felt him guide me to step out from under the darkness and step into the light instead. 

Now, one year later, Shining Through Shadows, Inc. has been created, and will help other people do just that! 

A few years ago, my dad was inspired and recited this very meaningful quote to his mother one day and told her to write it down for him. It says it all… 

“When we lend our energy to uplift another in any way, we improve our own lives while making the world a better place for all of us.”  Seth T. Stark

I am so proud to honor my father, Seth Thomas Stark, by creating Shining Through Shadows as a permanent tribute to the love he shared with me, my family, his community, and anyone who crossed his life path and needed his help.

January 2020

Shining Through Shadows has been able to continue to purchase Gi'Anna's textbooks as she perseveres to obtain her college degree and become a paralegal. Course schedules and conflicts have put obstacles in her path, but she is resilient and keeps taking steps forward toward her goal. 

Update August 2021

Gianna continues to make progress toward completing her degree. After this semester she has just two courses left.  She is truly a resilient spirit!

A limited number and sizes of STS shirts are still available  for a $10 donation. ( plus shipping if mailed)
STS tank tops/ unisex black v-neck/ ladies v-neck   sizes small - 3x

Message us on Facebook if you are interested in obtaining one!

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We accomplished our mission plan for 2014 to set up our first targeted "Shining Through Shadows Resilient Spirit Scholarship" available for graduates from the South Area Adult Education Center in Melbourne, FL. This scholarship was listed in the Brevard Schools Foundation scholarship opportunities booklet that was published and distributed in February 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

This scholarship benefits an applicant who completes the requirements for their high school diploma at South Area Adult Education Center and plans to continue their education. We are looking for applicants who show a "shining through shadows" resiliency and persevere to accomplish their goals in education despite circumstances that placed an obstacle on their life's path to overcome. The scholarship is available for college courses, books and fees,  or technical classes that result in a certification. This scholarship has the potential to be reoccurring for college credit and advanced education when the established criteria is met. Assistance with textbooks costs are also part of this scholarship.



10 year anniversary of the passing of Seth Thomas Stark

Update on 2017 STS Recipient

              Gi'Anna Killian

Helping Resilient Spirits Shine

​​“When we lend our energy to uplift another in any way, we improve our own lives while making the world a better place for all of us.”  Seth T. Stark

Please honor Seth's memory and his giving community spirit by making a donation to Shining Through Shadows so that we continue and expand our mission to help others through education related projects. More updates are coming soon

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Donations in any amount, small or large are appreciated.  

$10 for the 10 year anniversary is a good start!  

If 100 friends made this donation we would raise $1000 and be able to fund our $500 Adult Education scholarship for 2022.

Now that Susie is retired, she is working full time on expanding the STS mission to include developing a program to benefit elementary aged students with social/emotional and trauma related issues. 

You can follow Shining Through Shadows, Inc on Facebook for timely updates on upcoming activities and projects.

Congratulations to

Fionna McMillan 

South Area Adult Education student selected as the 2020 Shining Through Shadows Resilient Spirit Scholarship recipient.​

This foundation raises funds to provide local scholarships and grants to benefit people who have experienced  a significant loss or change in life circumstances, but were  able to demonstrate a  “Shining Through Shadows” resiliency to overcome the obstacles and rippling effects the event caused in their life.

  • ​Our financial goal for 2021 is to raise $3,000.

$how Your $upport

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