Bree Ann Marie Camacho

February 2015  - "Shining Through Shadows Resilient Spirit" 

Kaely and Bree's mother Angie (on right)

at  the 2014  Walk Like MADD event

Bree Ann Marie Camacho 

(pictured in the black and white pictures at the top of this page) 

was selected as our February 2015 "Shining Through Shadows Resilient Spirit" for her dedication to raising awareness in support of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) and the valuable work that this organization does to help grieving families. Bree has spoken in front of large audiences throughout the state on behalf of MADD, telling her first-hand account of the devastation caused by a drunk driver. Bree Ann was a major part of the effort to have the street in front of Southwest Junior High in Miami named "Kaely Camacho Way" in order to remind her sister's classmates and future students there of the importance of not drinking and driving.  In July of 2013, on what would have been Kaely's 15th birthday, Bree Ann organized a celebration of Kaely's life in a local park and asked participants to bring donations of toiletries items that were donated to Camilus House for the Homeless in Miami.  Her platform when she ran for prom queen at Palmetto High School  in 2013 was on raising awareness about drinking and driving also.  Bree Ann's senior year would have been Kaely's freshman year at the same high school- Bree missed going to school together again with her sister. But Bree persevered and graduated despite the significant loss in her life.  She now attends Florida Gulf Coast University and is studying Nursing. Bree plans to move forward with her plans this summer to start a nonprofit foundation in Kaely's memory called Kaely's Kare (KK)- a reminder of the nickname for her sweet sister Kaely. These are just a few of the reasons why Bree Ann Camacho is our February 2015 "Shining Through Shadows Resilient Spirit". 

Shining Through Shadows
Helping  Resilient Spirits Shine!

"Walk like MADD" Event

February 8, 2015 7:30 a.m.

​​Tropical Park, Miami,FL

Family and friends walking to honor the memory of 

Kaely Camacho

$how your $upport for Kaely's Wingmen

click on the link below to donate 


Update 2/11/14:  $7.730 was raised by the Kaely's Wingmen team!

Update 2/8/15 $8,961 was raised by the Kaely's Wingmen team!

 Too many families are touched by these avoidable tragedies- stand up and speak out!


Kimmi Stark, founder of Shining Through Shadows raised $225 for Kaely's WIngmen in 2014 to honor her cousin Kaely Marie Camacho, as well as honoring the memories of her Melbourne Beach family friends - "Aunt Gretchen" and Rachel Marie Price, and Amanda Lizzio, daughter of her Dad's NY middle school friend, Paul. 

Kimmi was registered as a virtual walker for the 2015 event.  $300 raised for Kaely's Wingmen 2015.


Center photo:  Bree Ann Camacho and her sister Kaely- sweet, smiling sisters enjoying life.

Left and right photos:  Bree spending time with Kaely after  April 13, 2012.

Bree ( front of banner)

and Dad, Kirk ( behind banner)