Photograph by Kimmi Stark 2013

Sunrise Photograph by Damien Share June 2, 2013

Foundation Profile

Shining Through Shadows, a nonprofit foundation, strives to help individuals and families approach difficult situations involving a loss with a positive attitude and to find the strength within themselves to overcome obstacles without being overwhelmed. 

By promoting positive and productive connections, Shining Through Shadows works within the community to network with other charitable organizations and groups to identify and help people impacted by the shadow of a significant loss or a major obstacle that may have sidetracked them on their life’s path. 

Shining Through Shadows steps in to support and encourage people to shine despite the darkness of challenging circumstances. We intervene with optimism and hope for better days. We encourage people to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps and step onto the ladder to success.”
Step out from the shadow and shine in the light.
Step up to reach your goals 
…one step at a time.


The Story Behind Our Logo Design

The word shadows was part of the original idea for a name for the foundation. Other names with and without shadows were considered, but all options explored for a corporation and domain name were already taken. In August 2012, just a few weeks prior to the one year anniversary of Seth's passing, we finally registered the domain name, Right after that, Kimmi ran into her former soccer coach and family friend, Russ DeBose. He offered to create a graphic design for the logo for Shining Through Shadows. Russ told us he was working on several different designs when he suddenly became inspired to create this one. Russ said that the idea for the design didn't come from him... it came through him. We knew it was a truly a "God-inspired moment"  too when we saw it! We hadn't realized that the three words we selected for the foundation's name each had seven letters and that the letter H was the second letter in all of them. The graphic of the ladder was symbolic of Seth's seventeen years as a volunteer firefighter. But more than that, the ladder set off the first letters of each word STS- the initials of Seth Thomas Stark, the inspiration for this foundation!    

Shining Through Shadows Inc.

P.O. Box 510297

Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

Founded: 2012

Founder: Kimmi Stark


Type of Organization: Nonprofit Corporation registered in the State of Florida with a primary financial mission to provide scholarships and grants.

Shining Through Shadows - Resiliency is the Key

Many inspiring stories to share 

Over the past two years, we have met people who share a similar story of the loss of a parent, sibling, or child.  Some people we met have suffered a different type of loss as experienced by an unexpected change in life circumstance that placed a significant obstacle on their life path to success. We found that what these survivors of a significant loss have in common is a "Shining Through Shadows" resilient spirit.

In the upcoming months, we plan to spotlight some of those individuals and tell their inspiring stories of how they "shine" despite the dark shadow their loss cast over their families. We hope that sharing these stories will help inspire others to do the same.  

Do you have a story to share?  Contact us.

Go to our "Contact Us" page and provide contact info along with a brief message  or send an email to